Mac OS X Over The Years (Public Beta 10.0 – 10.8 Mountain Lion)

Mac OS X Over The Years (Public Beta 10.0 – 10.8 Mountain Lion)

Mac OS X 10.0 “Cheetah”

Mac OS X 10.0 “Cheetah”
10.0 (Build)4K78 March 24, 2001 
Media: CD-Rom
Initial Price: $129 (US)

In March 2001, Apple released the first (official) version of Mac OS X. The first release could hardly be called finished, but Apple felt that it was more important to meet the schedule. Mac OS X 10.0 was still very slow (much slower than Mac OS 9) and lacked some important features such as data CD burning or DVD video playback. Especially window resizing was extremely slow. Nonetheless, it showed many improvements over the Public Beta and it also proved that Apple was listening to the comments and criticism of the users. The lack of available software was the main problem. The first apps to appear were mostly shareware software and it took some time before the first major applications were ported to run natively under OS X.

System Requirements:
PowerPC G3 (original PowerBook G3 not supported), 128 MB of RAM, and 1.5 GB of hard disk space

Version Updates:
10.0 4K78 March 24, 2001 
10.0.1 4L13 April 14, 2001 
10.0.2 4P12 May 1, 2001 
10.0.3 4P13 May 9, 2001 
10.0.4 4Q12 June 21, 200


About This Mac & IE 5.1 ScreenShot (IE Preview Release?)
OS X 10.0 Home Folder
OS X 10.0 Applications Folder
OS X 10.0 Sherlock (Search Utility)
OS X 10.0 QuickTime Player 5.0
OS X 10.0 Software Update
OS X 10.0 System Preferences
OS X 10.0 User Accounts
OS X 10.0 Disk Utility & Utilities Folder
OS X 10.0 System Profiler
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