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Apple (iMac) Box Furniture

Apple (iMac) Box Furniture

Today we received a new shipment of iMacs and since they all had to be taken out of the boxes I figured I’d have some fun. 

I removed the white iMac boxes from the brown exterior box and made some furniture with a twist! I have a rather big collection of old Macintosh/Apple computers so I grabbed a few things and added them to the shot.

Though they don’t look exactly like furniture I tried to build the following:

  • Couch
  • Lazy Boy Chair
  • Desk (w/old Macintosh SE, OS 7 disks, iPod 1st Gen, Apple Newton, OS 8 Mouse Pad)
  • Coffee Table (w/iBook, 2 X G5 Towers & 1 Mac Pro)
  • 2 X End Tables w iLamps (2 X G4 iMac Lamps)
  • 1984 Anniversary Macintosh Poster
  • Macintosh Logo Mounted Posted

Anyways figured what the heck, if I’m going to take them out of the box and it’s raining I may as well waste a couple hours after work and have some fun.

For my full Macintosh/Apple Collection see My Macintosh/Apple Collection

Hope you all enjoy!