Create a Bootcamp Image From a Pre Built Windows Image

Create a Bootcamp Image From a Pre Built Windows Image

What you need

  • Winclone

  • Hard drive with a Windows Image that has been Sysprepped and pulled from a computer

  • External Hard Drive reader

  • Mac with OS X Installed

  • DeployStudio


How to clone

If you are running OS X 10.10 or lower skip to Step 2. If you are running the latest version of OS X 10.11 or higher you need to disable OS X’s “System Integrity Protection” which will allow us to image a BootCamp Partition. To do this you need to restart the computer into “Restore Mode” or boot from a DeployStudio server. You then need to open “Terminal” and type

csrutil disable

then press enter. With this complete restart your computer.

The next step is to create a BootCamp partition by opening up “Disk Utility” then add/create a new partition. Here you need to enter in the size you want your partition to be and then change the format to FAT. Now go ahead and partition your drive.

From here go ahead and plug in your external hard drive reader with the hard drive you pull from your computer. We should now see the BootCamp partition you created and the external hard drive that has your windows image installed on.

Now install WinClone onto your mac and launch the program. Here we should see your windows hard drive and your Bootcamp partition.

If your source windows hard drive is smaller than your Bootcamp partition you can skip to STEP 6. If your Bootcamp partition is smaller than the hard drive but still bigger than the image itself then you need to shrink the image. To do so right click on the windows hard drive and chose “Shrink Windows (NTFS) Filesystem”. This will resize the image on the hard drive to the size of the actual fully used space of the image.

Now we can go ahead and copy your windows image to your Bootcamp partition. Select the Windows drive on the left side of the window and then select the Bootcamp partition to the right and select “Restore”.  This process will take a while depending how on big your Windows image is.

Now that the restore has completed you have now successfully created a Windows Bootcamp image/partition. Now simply reboot your Mac and select the Windows BootCamp Partition from the Boot Manager (Hold down the “Option” key on startup). Once Bootcamp has booted you can now go ahead and install the Apple BootCamp drivers. (Use the BootCamp Assistant in OS X to create the driver install).

** If you are running on a new model Mac you could have an issue where the Mac does not allow you to boot into the newly created Bootcamp image. To get around this we need to make the Bootcamp partition EFI bootable by using Winclone. You should see your Bootcamp partition now on the left side of the program and you will need to right click and select “Make EFI Bootable”. You do not need to do this for older hardware which should be 2014 and older Macs.


Happy Imaging!