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Apple Windows Bootcamp Won’t Bless

Apple Windows Bootcamp Won’t Bless

If you’ve run into the issue of imaging a BootCamp partition and it won’t boot into Windows or you see the message that the Windows Bootcamp partition cannot be blessed then you may get the run around trying to find a quick simple solution as I had. 

Luckily WinClone has a quick built in option/utility that will make your Windows BootCamp partition properly boot. 

If you are running on a new model Mac you could have an issue where the Mac does not allow you to boot into the newly created Bootcamp image. To get around this we need to make the Bootcamp partition EFI bootable by using Winclone. You should see your Bootcamp partition on the left side of the program and you will need to right click on the Windows BootCamp partition and select “Make EFI Bootable”. You do not need to do this for older hardware which should be 2014 and older Macs.

Right now there maybe scripts or other work arounds to do this but since we already own a copy of WinClone this makes quick work of this issue.

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